Springbok Cutter | Simple, Robust Lateral Cutting System [2.75in.- 11.75in.] - Used



This cutter is operated by a handlebar linked to a number of steel pushrods which control the way the cutter moves down the pipe. The handlebars also control the cutter movement from side to side as well as forward and backward, ensuring all areas of the lateral are re-opened.

The handlebar also drives the function of speed, lifting, and lowering of the air motor/cutting head, to press against and cut the lateral.

This is an air-driven system and benefits from all associated airlines being contained in an umbilical hose, making the system very robust and user-friendly. The control box houses a regulator and lubricator allowing this machine to work in all climates.

Depending on the access this tool can either totally re-open the connection giving a perfect finish, or if access is very tight it can simply open a small hole. This will allow a lateral cutter to re-visit at a later time and fully open the connection. Both sizes of the DTB can also be used to root cut, using a high tensile wire cup brush.



Short flexible airline

Small 3/8 inch adaptor

M14 thread adaptor

3in. wire cup brush

2in. carbide cone or dome

Tool Kit for maintenance and adjustment

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