American Pipelining Supplies

At APS, we are committed to bringing the best technology and trenchless methods from around the world to the US market. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in the drain cleaning and trenchless industry. Many may know us as the former Picote technical team, but in early 2020 we made the decision to become American Pipelining Supplies. While we are still an unmatched source for Picote technical support and training in the United States, APS can bring all of that information alongside our lining and patching processes to provide unbeatable quality to our customers. At the heart of APS, you will find trainers and individuals who will do what it takes to help you succeed. We offer great training and continuous support to our customers.

Our product lines include Brawoliner, Picote, Sacpro, Dancutter, Ferret Technology, C Scope, and more. We offer full Picote training as well as certified training courses for Picote Brush Coating, Patching, CIPP Lining, and Picote Power+. For leak detection and line locating, we train on Ferret Technology and C. Scope. If you would like to learn more about APS, reach out to one of our team members listed below, over social media, or fill out the contact form below.


Jake Saltzman


Katie Stancil

General Manager

Kelli Gossett

Accounting Manager

Ari Stenman

Technical Support Manager

Elijah Toney

Technical Trainer/Sales

Chris Dean

Technical Trainer

Joshua Paese

Marketing Coordinator

Danielle Paese

Marketing Coordinator