Wireless Control

Wireless Control

Interchangeable Cable Reel With QuickFit® Technology

Interchangeable Cable Reel With QuickFit® Technology
Dedicated to Safety

Dedicated to Safety

Lightweight and Portable

Lightweight and Portable

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1-Year Warranty

Chassis and Mechanical Components

6-Month Warranty

All Electrical Components

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Multiple Service Locations across the USA.

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OverviewThe Raptors QuickFit reel system allows for up to 3 different interchangeable cable sizes. This means you only need ONE machine for 3 different cable sizes. 100ft/30M x 8mm 1/3”, 100ft x 10...
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Wireless controlThe Raptor’s Wireless Control System is a high quality and reliable way to control your machine safely and efficiently. The rugged controller has several great features including m...
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Why do I need an E-Clutch?

The E-Clutch built into The Raptor is there to protect both the machine and its end user. The integrated Smart Drive Technology prevents the shaft from being over-torqued. If your shaft becomes stuck or cannot rotate, the E-Clutch turns off the machine before it damages itself or the user.

This, combined with adjustable torque, make The Raptor the safest high-speed machine on the market today

What happens if I lose the bluetooth remote?

If you were to lose just the foot petal, you can simply order a replacement! If you lose the Control Unit, you will have to send the machine in for a replacement and reprogramming. Luckily, our repair and return turnaround is very quick!

What's so special about the QuickFit Interchangeable Reels?

Our QuickFit interchangeable reels allow you to have different-sized shafts pre-loaded on their own basket. This enables you to quickly swap between sizes or add additional length to your shaft pulling one basket off and installing another. This can be done in less than a minute. Gone are the days of having to unspool and re-coil a shaft onto your milling machine.

How much does it weigh?

Raptor (Chassis only) - 82 lbs

Raptor w/ 8mm shaft - 117 lbs

Raptor w/ 10mm shaft - 124 lbs

Raptor w/ 12mm shaft - 163 lbs

QuickFit Spare Reels

Basket Only (no shaft) - 8 lbs

8mm basket and shaft - 35 lbs

10mm basket and shaft - 42 lbs

12mm basket and shaft - 73 lbs

Can I add an extension?

Yes, up to 30 ft for the 1/2" and 3/8" shafts. However, we do not recommend an extension on the 1/3" shaft.

What kind of power is required?

110v 15 amp standard power is all that is required for the standard Raptor. The Raptor XL will require a 220v 20 amp outlet, which is standard on nearly all generators with a 220v option with a 4-prong twist lock.

Do you have tools for it?

We offer a range of tooling for drain cleaning, reinstatements, descaling, and liner removal.

Can I use my existing tools with it?

Yes! All major brands are compatible with the Raptor and Raptor XL.

What is the maximum speed of the Raptor? 

The Raptor is capable of reaching and maintaining 2400rpm when set to the maximum speed (120%).

Can it run on batteries?

No, the Raptor must be plugged into a power source. However, the foot pedal and remote control unit are completely wireless, offering maximum flexibility when operating the machine.

What is included with the purchase of a Raptor Cutter?

A 12v car charger and a 120v wall adaptor, as well as Quick Lock reel adapters for 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm.

What happens if/when the remote dies?

The remote control unit can simply be charged and returned to service using the 120v wall adaptor or the 12v mobile charger for charging on the road.

What is the warranty and where can I have it serviced?

The Raptor can be easily serviced and has a 1-year warranty on all mechanical parts and a 6-month warranty on its electrical components.

Simply fill out the "Equipment Service Request" form on the "Certified Repairs" page of DrainGear.com, or call our main offices at 888.258.9359 to begin the service/repair process.

Where is the Raptor Manufactured?

The Raptor is made and assembled the USA at APS HQ.

Will it fit through a standard doorway?

With a wheelbase of 28.5", The Raptor Cutter easily fits through most standard doorways.

Can I reinstate lined pipes with it? 

Yes, the Raptor has a powerful motor and belt drive system that generates huge power for even the toughest jobs.

Is there a bigger raptor available?

Yes! The Raptor XL is a beast of a machine that can handle almost anything in its path. The 3 available reel sizes and lengths cover the working range of 3 machines combined with no problem. While it isn't available yet, it will be soon.


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