RIDGID Pipe Patch Starter Systems

Starter Kit Repair Size: 2"x32"
$3,408.50 $4,010


The RIDGID Pipe Patch Starter System includes the basic equipment needed to start trenchless point repairs. Pipe patching is a new, incremental revenue stream for those already participating in drain cleaning and sewer inspections. Pipe patching surpasses ASTM F1216 requirements for structural integrity while also providing a fast ROI, short learning curve, and a less invasive process when compared to other pipe repair methods such as digging. Patching, while a great stand-alone business, is a great way to begin learning how to enter the CIPP or trenchless market. Simply Clean, Inspect, and Patch!


  • Trenchless Point Repair Solution - Pipe Patching is a 2" to 6" pipe repair process with a low cost of entry and high return on investment combined with an easy-to-learn process.
  • Versatile System - Includes Packer, Air Push Rods & necessary components that accommodate p-traps, bends, transitions & straight sections of damaged pipe.
  • Pre-Measured Fiberglass Patch Kits - Thoughtfully designed Patch Kits enable quick and efficient repairs with all required consumables and components packaged together for one-time use. Patch Kits are sold separately from Starter Systems.
  • New Service Offering - Comprehensive system includes the equipment necessary to begin a Pipe Patching business. Perfectly compliments businesses already participating in drain cleaning and sewer inspections.
  • Reliable, Long-Lasting Repair - Durable, fiberglass patch is rated for small sections of damaged pipe and meets ASTM F1216 requirements; cured patches are rated up to 50-year life expectancy under normal conditions.
  • Less Invasive & Disruptive - Minimal customer impact to landscaping, fauna & business productivity when compared to digging and full relining.
  • Professional Service & Support - Knowledgeable industry experts and world-class service to assist entry into a new market with incremental revenue.


Pipe Capacity 2”-6”
Packer Lengths Available 43” & 4’
Maximum Patch Lengths 32” & 3’
Air Push Rod Maximum Pressure 217 psi

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