What is Relining?

Pipe relining is the latest technological solution to rehabilitating damaged drain and sewer lines underground without the need for costly and damaging excavation.

It works by placing a patented epoxy lining inside of the existing pipe, and then forcing it to the sides of the pipe where it forms the shape of the new pipe. It is then hardened to form a brand new pipe within a pipe, with all the properties and reliability of a replacement pipe - but without the cost and time of digging trenches.

Is relining enviromoentally safe?

Yes! Without the need to run diesel excavators for days, relining can also be more energy efficient. Not only that, but by saving lines rather than digging them up and replacing them it can be less wasteful too.

Our relining solutions also help the local environment by avoiding the need for destructive trench digging, which can irrevocably harm landscaping, trees, and habitats for local wildlife.

How does inversion relining work?

With the inversion relining process, entire pipes can be relined and rehabilitated. The liner is impregnated with resin and is rolled out in a clean and precise manner which helps with the performance of the reline. It is then rolled into the inversion drum, from where it is inverted into the pipe and cured in place to create a hard, permanent pipe replacement.


Do you ship overseas?

We primarily ship within the United States. We can also ship to Canada and Mexico. For individuals outside of the USA, contact our office and we will try to connect you with dealers near you.

How long will it take to get my order?

Most orders are processed and shipped same-day (when placed during operating hours). On occasion, some items are special-ordered and may take up to a week to ship. If your order will take longer to arrive, you should know in the product description and a sales rep will be in contact with you.


Can I return my product?

If you are unhappy with your product, are experiencing defects, or have concerns each case will be handled individually with one of our technical team members. Call 888-258-9359 or email support at sales@draingear.com

Can I get my product personalized?

It depends on the creator and the product. All options are outlined on the product page, so look out for customization options there.


What products can be repaired via APS Repair Center?

APS can repair many products including Picote equipment, Quick Sight cameras, and RIDGID Patch packers.

Have other questions?

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