Resin Cure Times | Tech Tip Tuesday

Resin Cure Times | Tech Tip Tuesday

Hey, guys. How's it going? Welcome to Tech Tip Tuesday. We're going to talk a little bit about resins today. We've had a lot of calls lately on what type of resin you should be using for your jobs. Based on, you know, how long the shot is, how warm it is outside. So here we have a fast, medium, and slow-curing resin.

With that comes different work times. So this is a really fast work time. This is a little bit longer. This is lots of work time. But that goes with the longer cure time. So what a lot of guys like to do is figure out how can I get the fastest curing epoxy that will give me the right amount of work time.

Right. So what we can do is actually manipulate the temperature, the starting temperature, and the temperature that we have during wet out and that whole process to give us the work time that we need and the curing time that we want. So what a lot of guys do, if it's if it's hot outside, we'll use a bin of ice, some ice water, put that in there and then as we roll the liner - So we're impregnating the liner - we just go straight off the roller into an ice bin.

Now, a lot of guys, this roller is sitting at, the edge of a table. So you put the bin down here and just roll right into that ice bin. It, keeps it nice and cool, and gives you plenty of work time if it's hot outside, and you can use a faster-curing resin like this.

This Brawo one, even if you're doing, you know, a super long shot. So a lot of guys think, oh, maybe I need to move to Brawo three because it's 150ft, which isn't always a bad idea. But if you want to get a faster cure time and you can manipulate your temperature on your liner and resin to stay cool, you can get more work time out of it.

Okay, so that goes with all of these. If you're doing patching, if you're going to be using a silicate resin that has a 15 minute work time, throw that guy in in a bucket of ice or, you know, cool water. Before you start, give yourself the extra work time you need to make yourself feel comfortable, but also give you the most out of your cure times so you can get faster curing times, longer work times.

Just make sure that you're manipulating the temperature of these epoxies and resins to make to get, you know, the most out of what you're looking for. So that's Tech Tip Tuesdays if you guys have any questions, if you're if you aren't sure about what your resin, how cold you should keep it, how warm you should keep it, just let us know. Always happy to reach out to you guys on here and and chat about technical stuff. So thanks. We'll see you next time.

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