Tech Tip Tuesday | Camera and Shaft

Tech Tip Tuesday | Camera and Shaft

Hey, guys. How's it going? I'm Time for Tech Tip Tuesday. I’ve been doing a bit of clean up here at the home office, and wanted to point out something to you on a couple of our cameras here. So, we got two of the models here. This is the QS40 and the QS20. The QS40 is the one most people use - it’s got the 23mm camera, it’s a great 2 to 6 inch camera. However, I wanted to point out the QS20.

Not as many people have this guy, but this is awesome. Okay, this is a 14mm camera head. The reason that I like this is because I can use this camera in a 2 inch pipe next to a 10mm (3/8in) shaft, which, if you're doing backside reinstatement, or you're going to go a long ways in two inch or something like that, the 10mm shaft is a game changer.

So, even if I can't push this all the way out, I'll just tape it to the shaft and push it down there. I don't need to have a phenomenal view. I just need to be able to see enough to tell what's going on. So the QS20, if you're using bigger shaft in smaller pipes, sometimes you're even using 1/2 inch shaft, in 2 inch, or if you're using a 1/2 inch shaft and 3 inch, it just makes it easier to be able to see with that smaller camera head in there. It doesn't take up as much space around the bends and stuff like that trying to get it through. Even if you get a taper to the shaft, it’s still much better than not being able to see it all because you're using a bigger shaft in a small pipe.

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