Picote Super Midi



The Picote Super Midi was designed for cleaning, descaling, root removal, and cutting/reinstatements in 3''-6'' pipes. It has a range of 65ft that can be increased with shaft extensions. 

Works with the Maxi Coating Pump for Picote Brush Coating installation. 

The Super Midi sits squarely between the Mini and Maxi miller capabilities. It uses a standard wall outlet. 




Cleaning/Descaling:  3''-6''

Cutting / Reinstatements:  3''-6''

Picote Brush Coating:  3''-8''

Usable Shaft Length: 65ft

Shaft Extensions: 33ft

Shaft Size: 1/2''

Casing Type: Thin

Output Power: 1.5kW

Speed (RPM): 500-1500

Power: 110/120V, 15 Amp

Weight: 152 lbs

Size: 45 x 28 x 18''

Safety Features include: Protective outer shaft casing, operator presence foot control, internal GFI, electric safety clutch, and emergency stop

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