Picote Mini Coating Pump



Renovate drains, sewers, water pipes, electrical conduits, heat, A/C ducts, and more. 

The Picote Mini Coating Pump can be combined with several different Miller models to meet your project needs based on pipe length and diameter.

Allows coating and pipe degreasing in 1 1/2''- 8'' diameter pipes up to 75ft in length. 


Pipe Diameters: 1 1/2''-8''

Max Range: 75ft

Power: 110V, 15 Amp

Output (kw): 0.18

Weight: 35.5 lbs

Size: 16.2 x 16.5 x 21.5''



- Controls the flow of the Picote Brush Coating 100% Solids, Dual Color Epoxy Resin.

- Can also be used to remove fats, oils, and grease from pipes by pumping degreaser down the line to assist with cleaning.

- Adjustable pump speed & direction.

- Hand-held locking operator control button or "LOC". When the button is pushed the pump is engaged and will operate until depressed. 

- Secures safely to Miller frames

- Visual Verification of Application


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