FR-30 A-Frame Receiver Fault LOCATOR ONLY

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The RIDGID A-Frame Fault Locator is a purpose built system to simplify the location of ground faults in direct buried insulated wire.

Model FR-30 Receiver detects the current flow to ground through the insulation fault. The receiver provides audio and visual indications of both signal strength and direction to assist in detecting and locating the fault. For the AFrame fault detector to work, the conductor must be in contact with the earth – it will not work with conductors in conduit.

Product Features

  • Locates insulation faults up to 2 megohms
  • Durable, lightweight powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Weatherproof membrane buttons
  • Fault finding depth: Up to 20 ft (depending on conditions)
  • Fault finding length: Up to 3 miles (depending on conditions)

Catalog # 57758

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