Ferret Leak Locator



Ferret Leak Locator with 33kHz Sonde

The Ferret Leak Locator's unique leak detecting features will enable you to find and fix water leaks more efficiently, save time and reduce costs.

The Ferret system is powered by the water pressure in the leaking pipe which makes running costs low. 

By delivering accurate leak locations, even in plastic pipes, the number and size of excavations required to repair a leak are significantly reduced, resulting in far fewer resources being used. 



Pipe ID size range: 3/8" - 1 3/4"

Survey distance: 180' from insert point 

Min. detectable leak flow: 0.13 US gal/hr

Sonde output: 33kHz

Max. inlet psi: 145 psi

Max. outlet psi: 75 psi

Min. working psi: 7 psi

Max leak test psi: 100 psi

Size: 21" x 16" x 10"

Weight (Dry): 35 lbs.

Enclosure material: Aluminum

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