Versa-Patch® Pro Kit

Packer 1: 2'' Multi-Bend
Packer 2: 2'' Multi-Bend


The Versa-Patch® Pro Kit includes

  • 2 Multi-Bend Packers
  • 10 Locking Push Rods
  • 1 Patching Regulator
  • 1 Ball and Spring Leader Guide
  • Containment Kit 
  • 1 Versa Patch Kit per Packer
  • US Standard to Lockable Air Adapter
  • Pull Rope (250 ft)
  • 100ft Air Hose
  • 1 Push Rod Reel 
  • Quick Links
  • 1 day of training

This fully built system contains all necessary parts and accessories** needed to start patching in a variety of situations. With 2 packers and 50ft of push rods, this system allows you to say yes to more jobs. Simply select 2 multi-bend packers that will fit your needs. 

As with any full system purchase, you will receive a full day of training with your Pro Kit. This can be scheduled at our training facility in Anderson, SC or as a virtual training. 

View the Versa-Patch® Brochure

** an air compressor is required to inflate the packer 



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