Picote Brush Coating Certification

Picote Brush Coating Certification

Why Picote Brush Coating™?

At APS we offer a range of training and certification courses. One of those options is our Certified Picote Brush Coating™ Training. As the former Picote Technical team, we provide unmatched support, knowledge and training on Picote products and technology. Proper training is important when using the Picote Brush Coating™ system as it is with any trenchless rehabilitation system. Not only is it important for setting you up for installation success, but being a certified installer allows you to offer a 10 year warranty backed by Picote for your customers. 

If you are unsure about the benefits to the Picote Brush Coating™ System, here are 3 reasons why we believe this system is a worthwhile investment for your company.  

1. Low Start Up Cost 

It's pretty common for trenchless technology, especially CIPP lining materials, to  have relatively high startup costs. A brush coating setup has a low startup cost with high profit margins. For many, the system can pay for itself within the first 2 jobs. This is great for companies who want a trenchless rehabilitation option for their customers but aren't quite ready to invest in a full lining system or face many jobs that don't require a fully structural repair. Learn more about where brush coating can be used by watching this video.


2. Versatile Setup  

For many Picote Brush Coating installers, completing their coating setup is simply adding a pump to the miller they already have. But even if you are starting from scratch when buying your coating system, you are purchasing more than just a coating applicator. Because the Picote coating pumps attach to their millers, a single system is capable of drain cleaning, coating, and even degreasing. A single set up can descale and prepare the line, remove any fats/oils/grease and coat the pipe.  Each pump can also work with multiple Millers as well. For example the Mini Coating Pump can work with the Mini Miller and the Mini Cleaner (for coating traps). 

3. Low Risk 

Brush Coating by nature comes with much lower risk than CIPP lining. Especially when you look at risks that potentially require excavation upon failure. Generally, your highest risk factors with coating would come from epoxy cooking off too fast infiltrating water, or improper bonding due to poor prep work. But with proper training, most of these risks go away since they are mostly due to user error. Another way that the Picote Brush Coating can be seen as low risk is through its dual color application system that provides visual verification. Because installers can visually verify during application that they are covering the surface properly, you can confirm proper installation to your customer and minimize your risk from claims of faulty installation. 


This is by no means an in-depth discussion about the value of the Picote Brush Coating system. If you would like to learn more about this process and product specifications, please reach out to us! Our technical support team would love to speak with you. As always, you can reach us through our social accounts or

email: sales@pipeliningsuppliesusa.com 

phone: 888-258-9359




Written by: Tiffany Stenman